Give the dog a tag

norwich terrierI raised my son well: this evening he brought home a Norwich Terrier he found wandering around Montrose so that he could make sure it was safe for the night.

The dog has one tag on his collar. It includes a number for AvidID, as well as an access code. Unfortunately, the phone number wouldn’t accept the access code. Fortunately, I made a website for AvidID long ago*, and looked back at my old files and found an alternate phone number (1-800-336-2843) that worked just fine. The AvidID rep called the owner, who soon called us. He just picked up the dog, whose name is Angus.

I’ll miss this little guy. He’s very sweet and calm, and enjoyed lying by my feet. I’m glad we didn’t need to take him to the Pasadena Humane Society.

I love dogs.

* which never launched since they never got us the content for it

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2 Responses to “Give the dog a tag”

  1. Jacki J. #

    You taught your son well. And Angus looked like a great dog. You guys are the greatest!

    03/07/2011 at 10:34 pm
  2. LCF Resident #

    Our son found in Los Angeles a tiny, fully matured female doggie. Someone abandoned her by tying her up to a pole with a security tape. She did not carry any identification or a chip. We took her to a vet and she was found healthy.

    We call her Mamma J. She is tiny: 6 pounder of pure joy. Mamma J is totally house broken, kind, playful, affectionate and she will get a smile on your face. She does not look neglected or abused. I just don’t understand how anyone could abandon such a sweetie in such a heartless way.

    We are just not ready for a second dog in teh family. Mamma J is available for adoption to a GOOD loving home. Just let Kathy know, and she’ll refer you to me.

    06/09/2011 at 4:42 pm

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